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You Ask, We Answer

You ask we answer - aka FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

We know the subject of Agile and Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), can be daunting. 


The term Agile has been used so widely, including being misused, that it can be confusing as to what Agile actually is.


We know your questions will be relative to where you are in your Agile journey. We've curated a handful of frequently asked questions which you will hopefully find useful and informative.


For those starting out we know you'll be asking things like; What is Agile? What is an Agile Coach? What is Behaviour Driven Development (BDD)? What is Specification By Example (SBE)?


We've attempted to remove a lot of the mystery and dispel some of the common myths you may have associated with Agile by answering these questions and more. Our hope is to inform you with the detail you need to discuss your Agile requirements more confidently.

We're sure those of you who are a bit further on in your journey may still have questions, hopefully we've answered some of your questions too.


Whatever the stage of your Agile journey if you don't find the answer to your particular query or would like something explaining in more detail, reach out to us. We don't bite and we know what we're talking about.

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