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Career Paths for Analytics Majors

As a business analyst and a data scientist, I understand just how important the position is to any company or business. We analyse and give meaning to the overwhelming amount of data in the world. And although it is an important occupation, it is not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Sometimes, those majoring in any analytic-related field are led to believe that becoming a data scientist is the only way to forge a career in your field. However, there are several different variations of careers that heavily involve data analytics. Here are a few.

Climatologist Climatologists are responsible for alerting the public as to what the earth’s atmosphere will be like at any given moment. In order to calculate the planet’s fickle climates, one must analyse a great deal of data and statistics. This data can range anywhere from temperature to solar radiation levels. As you could imagine, the earth has several different types of climates, so being a climatologist requires a great deal of data processing. It could be perfect for data analysts.

Geneticist For any of you interested in data and analytics as well as biology and genetics, you may want to consider a career in genetics. Geneticists collect and study stockpiles of data in order to learn more about the characteristics, variety and heredity of organisms. The data collected can refer to organisms ranging from human beings to cats and dogs.

Hydrologist This is quite possibly the most unique profession on the list. Hydrologists study water around the planet. And while this does not sound relevant to data analysis or particularly beneficial to the world, it is quite the contrary. Similar to climatologists, hydrologists collect a fair amount of data on water, including where it’s found, its properties and other similar information. And considering the fact that the planet is made up of approximately 70 percent water, there is quite a bit of data to compile. Hydrologists are incredibly important seeing as how they help to study water and ensure its quality and cleanliness. By becoming a hydrologist, you not only analyse copious amounts of data, you also help make the world a more sustainable and better place.

If you are interested in a career that focuses on analysing data, but does not fall under the traditional roles of business analyst or data scientist, then consider one of these fine careers. And there are several other careers that are available to you, so make sure to expand your horizons and investigate your passions and turn them into a career.

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