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Some people dream of success. Alastair Majury can help make it happen.


Alastair Majury's consulting services and change experience allows him to focus on his clients' most critical change issues and opportunities. Alastair Majury provides analytical services, including data analysis, to a variety of companies.

He works on change across all types of financial services and geographies. He brings varied experience, allowing him to see change from different angles, allowing him to help ensure its success.

He loves what he does and loves bringing his success to his clients.



Alastair Majury offers a different type of change service. He has unique experience across a wide range of change projects, across a wide variety of change projects, which allows him

to offer unique insight, specialist expertise, and analytical mindset, allowing him to help come up with innovative solutions, where others see blockers.There is always a solution.



Alastair Majury has experience working with a variety of different methodologies including waterfall and agile, and is adaptable and flexible.


“Working with Alastair Majury was an absolute pleasure. His positive demeanour and ability to strategically deliver on projects made me continuously want to work with him. I worked with him on multiple projects, and he was able to deliver consistently despite any challenges encountered on the projects.

Alastair is an asset to any organization with his ability to interpret organizations objectives with clear and concise communication, direction and coaching to team mates. This also makes him a well rounded manager that can coach for performance and expedite tactical solutions.”

Vallicia Lowe, Senior Business Analyst

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