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Alastair Majury has a proven track record of success planning, developing, implementing and delivering migrations, organisational change, regulatory, legislative, and process improvements for global financial organisations, covering Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Wealth Management, and Life & Pensions. Below are some examples.

Amy Sanchez, Pruduct Manager

Filling An Organisational Gap


Situation: The FCA introduced new mortgage regulations (MMR), which required enhanced reporting. National Australia Group Europe’s previous mortgage reporting was not fit for purpose. National Australia Group Europe also had an organisational gap with respect to identifying specific data reporting requirements from business requirements. 

Task: Appointed as Senior BA on the reporting aspect of the project, and also as acting ‘Data Scientist’ to explore and examine data from multiple disparate sources and to communicate findings to both business and IT leaders.

Action: Working closely with Enterprise Data Services, and business SMEs, Alastair Majury examined data from multiple legacy systems.

Result: By successfully engaging the development colleagues and involving them in the journey, as well communicating findings with the business, Alastair Majury was able to successfully build a reusable mortgages data warehouse, which MMR reports were delivered to the FCA and CML on time from. Receiving a clean bill of health for the report that showed the full back book of FCA regulated mortgages.

Saving £480k per annum


Situation: HSBC Alternative Fund Services were reviewing a vendor contract and looking to validate how many credits, it would need to use on average in a year for a specific vendor. 

Task: Appointed to review how many credits we were likely to use for a specific vendor in a year and if this could be reduced.

Action: Alastair Majury reviewed the associated data for the thousands of positions held by multiple clients that were priced by this vendor, and associated processes. 

Result: Alastair introduced process improvements and updated missing data to the system, resulting a in reduction of expected credits by £480,000 per year. 

Introducing Efficiencies & Improved Quality


Situation: The primary market data system for HSBC Alternative Fund Services did not automatically expire securities (e.g. listed options) that had an expiry date. This meant that these had to be expired manually requiring approximately 1 FTE, and serious data quality issues.

Task: Appointed to assist with the manual expiry of the securities, due to normal team falling behind.

Action: Completed the manual expiry of securities, then reviewed the data and overall process.

Result: Alastair Majury Introduced new tools and associated process that reduced effort required to approximately 0.25 hours per month, whilst also eliminating new data quality issues, and also successfully cleansed thousands of incorrectly expired securities that meant they were still being sent out for pricing.

“I worked with Alastair Majury on a major back book Mortgage migration programme and found him to be an extremely focussed individual, who can quickly apply his analytical skills to the task at hand. 

Alastair Majury is extremely well organised, can deal with multiple stakeholders (of differing seniorities) with no issues and is a very personable individual who finds it easy to build good working relationships with those he interacts with. 

I'd certainly like to work with Alastair Majury again and would recommend him as a potential asset to any project team.” 

Terry Morland, Programme Level Business Analyst

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