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General Data Protection Regulation is an EU data protection directive, introducing a series of ‘data subject’ rights that are being introduced in 2018 to ensure that all EU residents have control over their personal data – and yes, GDPR will still affect the UK, despite our decision to leave the EU.

These rights include being able to obtain easily accessible information in plain language about the use of personal data and the personal data itself, ordering the alteration or deletion of incorrect personal data, the ability to restrict or object to the processing of personal data and more.

We’ll assess your business’s IT systems and procedures, measuring it against the demands of these new data protection requirements and work alongside you as an extension of your business to fill in the gaps.

From helping you to review and assess your existing systems through to improving your cybersecurity systems and IT infrastructure, we’ll put together a bespoke action plan and be with you every step of the way.

MCM has provided GDPR expertise to multi-national IT Consultancies, highlighting their infringements of GDPR, and providing them with the knowledge in order to provide their clients with the confidence that they are now also compliant.


MCM has provided expertise to multi-national IT Consultancies, clarifying existing AML and MLR regulations, to assist in their onboarding process. 

Whilst all compliance matters can be burdensome it is in the area of AML that the regulations are most draconian. With substantial penalties for failure, including imprisonment and unlimited fines as well as substantial adverse publicity, it is in everyone's interest not only to be compliant but to demonstrate that compliance to enforcement officers and the regulator.

Customer due diligence (CDD) and enhanced customer due diligence (ECDD) present particular problems in the current climate with an increasing number of persons being brought under the sanctions listings. Consequentially it is vital that a firm's procedures are under constant review.

Firms that fall short of their AML obligations are required to undertake substantial remediation including comprehensive file reviews and appropriate training.

Introducing and Embedding Agile

Many firms have attempted to introduce Agile into their organisation, purchase software to aid with Sprint Management and relabel existing roles with Agile terms, e.g. Rename Project Managers as Scrum Masters, and then wonder why they aren't seeing the benefits of Agile in  their organisation. 

We can audit your existing culture and methodologies, and then come up with a bespoke plan for introducing Agile and embedding Agile successfully in your organisation, so that you see lasting benefits of this approach quickly.

Introducing and Embedding BDD

Behaviour Driven Development can be a culture shock for many IT and Change departments, yet offer great opportunities to ensure that they are delivering what the business needs and what customers want. 

We can introduce BDD to your IT and Change departments in a manner where they can understand the benefits to themselves, as well as to the business and customers. That the additional upfront effort required results in projects being delivered quicker and cheaper overall, whilst providing more real-world benefits to the business.


Get in touch with MCM via e-mail using Contact@MajuryChangeManagement.Com to see how we can help your business successfully deliver change, or request a Free Change Culture Audit to see where your company can become more customer focused, more efficient, and more nimble.

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