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  • Strategic Advice & Consultancy

  • Change Management

  • Introducing and Embedding Culture Change

  • Virtual IT Director

Strategic Advice & Consultancy

We take care of our clients and their businesses, and appreciate that the level of input required from us may vary depending on your company’s position. Whether you’re starting from scratch and need a fully managed IT strategy, or you require an overhaul of your existing solutions or simply that your in-house IT team could do with some additional assistance – we can cater for every business need.

Change Management

Having the right delivery manager and processes for your IT project is crucial to its success. We take care of each project stage from beginning to end, keeping you informed every step of the way. From understanding your business needs and forming a strategic plan, through to designing a bespoke solution and guiding you through the transition period – we will oversee your project from inception through to final delivery, providing ongoing support both during and after project completion, should you need it.

Introducing and Embedding Culture Change

Many IT and Change departments, even today, are very much IT focussed rather than being business focussed. IT and Change departments can also be very dependent on processes and tools rather than allowing their teams to operate at their peak capacity, with just enough processes in order to provide context and enough freedom to allow teams to make good decisions. We will oversee introducing and embedding a customer centric delivery model to your IT and Change teams.

Virtual IT Director

The increasingly competitive nature of business means more companies are turning to new technologies to keep them at the forefront of their industries. While start-ups and SMEs won’t always have the luxury of employing an IT consultant with the expertise to guide them through these changes, the Virtual IT Director service is a comparable, more cost-effective alternative. From large corporations to small enterprises, your Director will be on-hand to actively advise on IT decision-making and provide strategic guidance. They will fully understand your business function, conduct ongoing research on how to improve your IT strategy and how to take advantage of emerging opportunities, all the while acting as a consultant to help you achieve maximum return on investment.


Get in touch with MCM via e-mail using Contact@MajuryChangeManagement.Com to see how we can help your business successfully deliver change, or request a Free Change Culture Audit to see where your company can become more customer focused, more efficient, and more nimble.

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