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​You have an idea about where you want your change to go? Need some help getting there? Alastair Majury has a track record of helping his clients to deliver their change successfully. He looks forward to helping transforming your business ...



Alastair Majury has successfully helped clients deliver both complex and simple changes. 


He has helped both 'Blue Chip' and smaller organisations deliver both strategic and mandatory changes.

Going The Extra Mile

Alastair Majury is a Chartered Member of CISI, which is the UK’s leading securities and investment professional body, and this highlights that Alastair Majury is at the pinnacle of professionalism in financial services. Across the world, and across industries, a personal Charter is recognised as a symbol of the peak of professionalism. Holding a Charter tells clients, colleagues and regulators that Alastair Majury has already demonstrated an outstanding commitment to achieving the highest levels of knowledge, skills and behaviour and that Alastair Majury is dedicated to maintaining this.

Alastair Majury tailors his approach specifically to the needs of your business and change in order to ensure that change is delivered successfully. 

Whilst based in Central Scotland, Alastair is able and willing to work UK wide, Europe wide, and Globally as required.

About Alastair Majury



Alastair Majury has worked with a variety of Financial Services businesses varying from global wealth management to small retail banks.


Although his clients have ranged in size to large global Financial Services corporations, he is happy to deliver change to any size of client effectively.


Alastair Majury has good communication skills, maintained a professional approach to his tasks during busy periods, and if he advised that he would return information in a given time period, he did. Gained trust, and was considered reliable.”

Paul Farquhar, Director

Since childhood, Alastair Majury has been fascinated with problem solving. He has always reveled in the ability to offer insightful and practical solutions to any problem imaginable. It was this same passion that drove Alastair towards his current position as the director of Majury Change Management as well as a senior business analyst and project manager for Alastair Majury Project Management. It is in these two positions that Alastair thrives. Due to his in-depth knowledge of his industry, unparalleled communication skills and leadership experience, Alastair has been able to forge a successful career for himself as well as earn the respect and admiration of his peers and community.

As the director of Majury Change Management, Alastair Majury is responsible for ensuring that the business runs smoothly by handling day-to-day operations. From client services to financial transactions and everything in between, Alastair is able to handle each duty with grace and excellence. He works closely with each individual client in order to deliver high-quality service. Alastair works almost exclusively in the financial sector, assisting businesses both small and large in solving heir toughest financial situations. Whether it involves completely reevaluating operations practices or simply reassessing personnel, Alastair Majury will always find the best, pragmatic solutions to almost any issue or dilemma.

As the senior business analyst for Alastair Majury Project Management, Alastair has responsibilities similar to his other role. In short, Alastair works very closely with financial institutions and organizations on process improvement, training and migration.

Alastair Majury is a dedicated worker, and his success certainly demonstrates as much, however, much like any person, he has a variety of interests and hobbies. More specifically, Alastair enjoys basking in the traditions and rich cultural heritage of his home country of Scotland. He also quite enjoys the sport of golf; it's relaxing and yet challenging. Additionally, Alastair is a firm believer in philanthropy and all the good that can come of it. He specifically believes that, through philanthropy and charity, we can continue to make the world a safer, better and more loving place to live.

Alastair Majury is a tenured professional looking to improve your business' fortunes and financial prospects.

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